Saturday, June 18, 2011

My engaged friend, Brittanie

So I guess it's official, I'm getting older, because EVERYONE I KNOW IS EITHER MARRIED, GETTING MARRIED, OR GETTING ENGAGED. It's out of control, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I was super crazy ridiculously excited for each and every one of them. Because I absolutely am.

But there's one couple that is especially near and dear to my heart, Brittanie Lane Hayden and her soon to be hubby Mr. Nathan Brandenburg. Nathan just popped the question a couple weeks ago, and I feel so incredibly blessed that I got to be there to witness this huge life changing convo. Here's how it all went down. Nathan and Brit were supposed to model for this upcoming Oh Deery shoot that our brilliant photographer friend Jennefer Wilson was going to capture for us, so this had been planned for several months, but apparently the more Nathan thought about it the more he thought it would be the perfect time to ask Brit to spend the rest of her life with him. And it was. It was perfect. She had no idea, and was totally beyond shocked. It was awesome. I had been at gone to Pine Cove for a couple weeks so I rushed back so I could make it to the shoot, so it didn't really hit me until we were there and it was actually happening that it was actually REAL LIFE. So needless to say, my eyes got a little leaky on me. After all the pictures had been shot, the question had been asked, the answer had been given, faces had been kissed, and necks had been hugged, we all drove to Nathan's family's house in Sachse, Tx for the after party, it was presh to see how excited their families were, and how proud Nathan was of having actually just pulled it off and of course of his new bride to be. Loved it.

You can def join me in prayer for these two, and their future marriage, for unity, and a whole hearted desire to glorify the Lord with their time together, even while they're trying to figure out what this part of their life is supposed to even look like. Even though this is a beyond exciting season for them, I'm sure the uncertainty of it all will get a little hard to deal with at times.

On another note I would just like to share with you people the ridiculously large amount of love that I have for Brit. She was one of the first people I met at DBU, and we've been the best of friends ever since. I can't imagine what in the world my life in Dallas would look like without this girl, she's wonderful, and has such a sweet sweet heart for others. She's changed majors about a bazillion times, but last summer while she was working at Pine Cove's Ranch camp she felt the Lord tugging on her heart to change her major to education. I remember getting that phone call during our time off one weekend, and I literally couldn't have been more proud of her, for not only intently listening to His calling but deciding to obey even though she was fully aware this would mean a lot more time at DBU before graduating. The Lord is so good to provide such a mercy that he would even care about what we major in or how we get our living. I seriously can't get over the fact that He wants the best for us (even when it seems like the worst to us). He makes all things work together for our good, but more importantly for us to bring the most glory to Him. I love that. But all that to say, Brittanie is going to be a teacher! Haha! And it's literally going to be out of control because now that she's received this calling, absolutely no one can picture her doing anything else. She's going to be so so great at it.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell y'all about this wonderful girl I know, and her most recent joy.
So enjoy these silly pictures of my newly engaged friend, Brittanie.

Brit came along when I shot Justin and Brittany's Engagements last weekend. So of course I took a couple of her while we were waiting on the couple to arrive. Why wouldn't I?

Oh and did I mention that she has THE BEST facial expressions ever?

Or that she's the queen of wardrobe malfunctions?

Um best model ever, obvi.

Please notice the difference between this picture and the next.

And that's when I almost died of laughter. She's real proud of her new accessory.

And who wouldn't be? It's BEAUTIFUL!

Nathan did good. That's for sure.

I love this girl so much, she's such a blessing. So excited to watch the Lord mold her heart in preparation for marriage in the next several months. You're an absolute joy, Brit.

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  1. Aww I am so glad I stumbled upon this post! Megan, what a dear friend and support you are to Brittanie and what a wonderful girl you are, Brittanie! I am thrilled to read of these updates and catch a glimpse of that joy and creative, free-spirit within you through these photos. Love you girls so much! And I am spilling over with joy at all the Lord has done and continues to do in your lives. :) He is so good and faithful. And He sure has made you both beautiful testimonies of that. HUGS!!