Monday, June 27, 2011

crafts, camp and friends in uganda

Looky Looky! I kind of got crazy and crafty-ish the other day! I made a couple initial banners, some flower headbands, and a little pennant banner! Ok, so I love crafting but not as much as I love crafting for other people. I don't know why, I just do. It's just a thing, ok? I hate that I only got pics of one of them, but the others were already getting boxed up to be sent to camp friends in Columbus, Tx! But here's the one I made for my friend Jennefer Wilson!

Dang that's a dirty wall, how did that even happen?!

Ok that just made no sense as a photo caption, let me try and rephrase that. On this day (that I took these banner pics) Leisha and Chris flew out of DFW to UGANDA! (well not directly, but you know) So of course I was wearing their shirt on the right day, you know praying for them and all, but of course I forgot to post this on the right day. Sorry guys. But they're still there and def would love love love and appreciate your prayers. Chris and Lei are beyond fabulous people who just really love the Lord like crazy. Leisha has served in Kenya before but this is their first time to serve together as a married couple! Ok, beyond precious. Can't even handle it. I know they're having a blast and loving being able to follow the Lord in this way, right next to each other. They're traveling with Parental Care Ministries, go check them out! And I think there's a blog about their trip on that site too! If not, Leisha's blog is here, so you can go read more about their trip and what they have specifically asked prayer over, and such! So please join me in prayer for these two as they finish their time with the people over there, and as they leave and travel back home.

Also, I LEAVE FOR PINE COVE FOR THE REST OF THE SUMMER ON THURSDAY (and/or Friday, who really knows) BUT I'M SO STINKIN EXCITED. I'm super anxious to finally be a part of camp again instead of being so far away and just praying for the kids and staff there. Not JUST praying, but you know. I'm pumped to be in the midst of it.

Wait, what's that? You want to send me mail while I'm at camp? OK! If you insist!
Just send your treats and treasures and words of encouragement to:
     Megan "Photografeet" Fortner
     Pine Cove Outback
     1237 Papa Bear Lane
     Columbus, TX 78934

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