Sunday, June 5, 2011

Keith and Kayla

Two wonderful friends of mine from camp got married several weeks ago, and I had the privilege of second shooting their ceremony with Ashley Irvin! Check her out! She's wonderful, and so so talented! The wedding was out of control beautiful in every way possible. It was under the shade of one of the prettiest/largest trees I've ever seen. This beautiful tree was at Pine Cove's Crier Creek Family Camp, which is adorable since they met at camp.

The director of Crier Creek officiated it, and literally brought me to tears as we were all waiting for Kayla's grand entrance and he was talking about how the Lord places people together, and then said "now let's meet the woman that the Lord created for Keith". Ok, precious. I absolutely couldn't handle it, because it's almost unreal how alike they both are, their sense of humor, their personalities, and their hearts. I feel so blessed to know them both, and I'm so glad I got to be a part of their big day. Here's some of the images I ended up with! But be sure to go look at Ashley's too, BECAUSE THEY'RE SO GOOD. SERIOUSLY.

The end.
It was perfect. Congratulations you two! Excited to see the wonderful things the Lord is going to do within your marriage, and the awesome ministry y'all are going to have together. Love you both!

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