Thursday, June 23, 2011

father's day

Father's day came and went!  And I'm so thankful that I got to spend it with my daddy dearest. It was wonderful, and much needed. I hate that it takes a day like this to make me realize just how rarely I tell him how much I appreciate him. Not that I'm trying to justify that, but even if I did make it a habit to tell my dad how incredibly thankful I am for all that he does for me, my sisters, my beautiful mother, and now, my little brother, that wouldn't even begin to cover it. Because he's simply the best. Really. Love you more, Dad.

Sunday I got a little photo happy because that wonderful father of mine let me play around with his 1.4 50mm lens. MY FAVORITE. So please don't judge the ridiculous amount of bokeh in these pics. Thanks.

During dad's gift opening time, Max was the most precious little gift giver ever. He was literally giddy while waiting for dad to get to his gift. He painted a little motorcycle at the mud hut with mom a couple weeks ago, and he couldn't have been more proud, and I think dad enjoyed Max's excitement even more than the actual gift.

There was also a lot of wii played this weekend, which is always fine by me.

Oh and Max got a new bike on saturday! He's completely obsessed, and we just love it.

My lovely sister.

Side note: I love love love this girl, and I'm so glad we got to catch up this weekend. You're great, Rach.
Mr Matthew Brooks on a pink kids sized bike, ladies and gentlemen.

Also, I'm just realizing how incredibly hard it is to not upload a million bazillion pics when I post. Like, how am I supposed to decide which ones make the cut?! Oh the life of an indecisive retriever.

Hope you had the best Father's day, celebrating your dad!

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