Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maternity: Meredith & Jacob

I am so beyond excited about these pictures! Last time I was home I got to shoot Meredith and Jacob Ramos, along with soon to be baby Adalyn Grace! This couple is a part of that wonderful Phillips family I told you about here! Meredith and I were childhood best friends, we were inseparable. It was kind of out out of control. But in a good way, of course! :) I can remember each of us being at the hospital when each of our siblings were welcomed into the world, so the thought of MEREDITH JOY PHILLIPS RAMOS GIVING BIRTH TO HER OWN BABY GIRL is literally blowing my mind. Literally. I am so incredibly proud of this girl, and the wonderful man she married. Jacob has already become a part of our family too, he's just too much fun! Seriously! I couldn't imagine anyone more perfect for Meredith. They're going to be the greatest parents to little Adalyn, and I can't wait to watch them go through this season in their lives.

Left: Me and Mere as acrobats Right: Trevor, Meredith and I on Halloween as Aladdin and Jasmine(s)! Costumes made by the lovely and talented Mrs Sheryl Phillips!
 I had a blast shooting these two and their cuteness. Because the cuteness was never ending, let's be real! I didn't have to pose them at all, they just did their thing and rocked it. I was in awe. Also, if you need a dog whisperer, give Jacob a call. Wish I would have gotten pics of this guy in action with the Phillip's dog Scott, yes I said Scott. Best dog name ever right? I'm completely obsessed. But I was too busy being amazed by all of his clever behavior tricks! But anyways, here's some of the final images we ended up with! Hope you guys like them as much as we do!

Addie was actually kicking! Love it!

You are such a beauty. So so so pretty.

And then it was canoe time!

They just have so much fun together! Precious!

MEREDITH! Gorgeous!

We may or may not have been singing "Just Around the River Bend", it seemed appropriate.

So thankful for these two, and our time together.

And that's all, folks! If you want to see the rest, go check my fb summertime album! And as always, if you have any pricing questions send me an email here! Thanks for reading, and for all the encouragement I've received while I'm trying to get my photography stuff started. It seriously means so much to me, I have the greatest friends! You people bless me like crazy!

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