Sunday, October 30, 2011

Engagements: Jeremy and Danielle

MY FABULOUS ROOMIE GOT ENGAGED!! Literally you guys have no idea how excited I am about this! Jeremy flew in from Houston to surprise her, and we got to help him set up the place on campus where the big moment would happen! So much fun! To hear a more detailed version of the story, go hear it straight from the source here on Jeremy's blog! Here's some of the pics I got to quickly take before the big surprise took place!!

SUCH A GREAT DAY. It was so perfect, and Jeremy did such a great job. Oh and props to Oh Deery for letting us use all the mason jars and precious fabric! I love having creative friends that are super generous with all their thrifted treasures! The next day we all went to the fair for their engagement shoot! It was absolutely fabulous and I'm literally in love with some of the shots that we got by the end of the day! So excited to share them! 

Danielle wouldn't stop flashin her new bling.
AND I QUOTE "when your rock is this rockin, you kind of half to."
Love that woman, and her out of control self.

Love these two. So excited that the Lord is fusing these two individual ministries together to further His kingdom! Houston, prepare yourself for the WILSONS, and all the millions of ginger babies they're going to have.

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  1. This is exciting! You did an excellent job on these pictures, for real, and jeremy looks just like himself, slightly awkward but very endearing and they look in love!