Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Those seriously super siblings of mine.

So I have these really fabulous siblings, and I still feel so blessed to be able to say that I have 3 of them! I got to spend some of my Fall Break at home with them last week! It was literally a blast. I shot an obscene amount of pics while I was there, but I couldn't resist! THEY'RE SO STINKIN CUTE.

Couldn't you just eat him right up?

Max loves his Madie! They're best buds.

Such a pretty sister.

So Madie and Max both love grabbing my camera anytime its out, and I just love watching them learn how to use it! I took Madie to this cute little abandoned fruit stand on the side of the road to let her shoot some, but of course I shot my fair share of her too, BECAUSE HELLO SHE WAS IN A POLKA DOTTED ROMPER. It had to be documented.

Madie took these! Aren't you impressed?? She's fabulous!

We celebrated my Opa's birthday while I was home! Aren't they the sweetest?

Precious little parentals!

Love them to pieces.


So proud of this girl.

So thankful for these wonderful people.
So thankful for the time I got to spend with these wonderful people.
And SO thankful for the BEYOND special decision that Max made this week.
MAX ASKED THE LORD TO BE THE LEADER OF HIS LIFE!! Praise Him! We've been praying for his little heart for over a year, that it would be softened and ready for the gospel. And ever since he moved here in May, Mom, Dad, and many others that are in his life have been pointing him in the direction of the gospel. And slowly but surely he became curious enough to start listening and asking questions, and discussing who Jesus was and who He is today. And last Monday night Max told mom that he wanted to ask Jesus to forgive him of his sins and to be AND I QUOTE "the leader of my life"! And of course all mom could do was grin and try to keep from tearing up. So that night we all sat on his bottom bunk while he so preciously and sincerely thanked his Jesus for dying on the cross, and asked him into his life.

The Lord is so ridiculously faithful it just gets me. And I know that He promises us nothing less in His word, but it's always just so much more in your face when you actually witness it first hand. Love Him, and all His perfect ways.

So thankful.

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