Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Photo Project: Studio Lighting

I am learning so so much in my advanced photography class this semester! I love it. A couple weeks ago we started working with studio lighting, which I knew NOTHING about, and I'm still learning tons. And I totally thought I would hate every minute of it, but you know what, I didn't! This series was supposed to be over "Housing", but I just felt like I needed it to be different than my regular old "Southern Living" documentary. So I decided to take a more photo-journalistic view on housing, and document the different things that people do in different rooms in their houses, the unattractive things that can't really be glamorized.


  1. Megster, these are awesome! I can tell you have been learning a lot! These compositions are awesome! Esp. the one on the couch and washing the face. I love it. You are so talented!!!