Friday, September 2, 2011

Newborn: Addie Grace

Ok, I know the whole world is going to think that I'm absolutely obsessed with this baby, because I shot her while she was in her mom's prego tummy, then again the day she was born, and NOW to celebrate her first solid 2 weeks of life! But you don't have to assume that anymore! I'll just tell you. I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS BABY. She's so happy. And squirmy, and curious, and just all around precious. I couldn't get enough of her! But I felt a little less weird when I started noticing just how obsessed Mer and Jacob were too, and they live with her! :) Here's some of the images we ended up with after Addie's newborn session. Check em out!

Addie's dimples match her daddy's!

She was so yawny that day!

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