Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My super cool cousin, KEVIN.

So I mean everybody has cool cousins, right? WRONG. It's just me. Because I've got Kev.

This weekend I took the long trek up to College Station to see him, and some other crazy cool people. It was such a blessing. I forgot how ridiculously fun those aggie people are. They're like literally voming school pride all over the place! That's what makes it so much fun! It makes me feel kind of bad about my amount of school pride (or lack thereof). Go Patriots? Ehh. Anyways, it was super super fun and I loved being able to have some real talk with Kev, we literally haven't seen each other in forever. Loved hearing about his new heart for non profits/ missions. So excited to see what opportunities our gracious God is going to provide for him in the next couple years.

I'm absolutely kicking myself for not taking more pictures this weekend but here's a couple from the game and such!

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