Monday, September 24, 2012

Bridals: Julie

I couldn't be more excited about sharing these bridal shots of this precious girl with you. Julie and I graduated from high school together, and I always admired her style and craftiness. And I'm not even kidding you, she was into old things and sewing before it was trendy. So she deserves some mad respect for that. Oh and she's a photog major. So all of that meaning, she's beyond super cool and I was obviously extremely pumped about the opportunity to capture her in all her beautiful bridal glory. And there was a lot of bridal glory to capture, because she's stunning. No joke.

The outside images were taken in Julie's parent's back pasture in Hallsville, Tx. And the others we took in their wedding venue The Old Parker Place, the furniture was to die for.
Can't wait to share the mass amount of images from their big day.

Can't get enough of this girl? Go read her absolutely perfect blog. It's worth a look if you like wit, crafts, confessions or photography. No but really.

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