Monday, May 2, 2011

Senior Portraits: Mallory

Meet Mal, she's another one of my lovely lovely roommates. I can't believe she's graduating in just a couple short weeks! She's so old! So excited for this girl as she moves on to the next phase in her life! We shot in one of my favorite areas in Dallas, around White Rock Lake. It was so super fun! That day we literally saw 20 bazillion bike riders, and some how managed to not get hit. Ptl. We couldn't go anywhere without hearing someone yell "ON YOUR LEFT!" and then we'd run back to the grass to safety. Good times. Well here's some of Mal's finished images!
Isn't she precious?

There was a lot of laughter involved in this shoot!

Pretty blue eyes.

Who knew Mal was so incredibly photogenic?! Gosh girl! You're so beautiful! This was an awesome shoot, and I'm so glad I got to be the one to shoot it!

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